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August 11, 2006



Such lovely colors of everything--they just make my mouth water and my hands itch to get started on something...again. LOL.


Thanks for sharing all your stash. It is fun to live vicariously through others:) Your watergarden looks amazing!


Beautiful stash! I'm sure you'll find a great fabric for Japanese Garden, but the Peacock Fantasy is pretty anyway! You might check some of the Bulletin Boards for exchanges - or if you see someone blogging about one, asked where it was set up.


Rava, love the new stash! You might try the robins nest bb for exchanges - Renee was looking for new members recently. The address is And finally - Watergarden - WOW!!! fantastic progress! Looks just wonderful!


Absolutely lovely stash Rava! Your Watergarden is progressing great and looks wonderful! You asked what my fav colors are: I like chocolate, fuschia, purple, terra-cotta and orange colors.My house is very colorful and I just painted an accent wall in my kitchen Roaman orange.


oohh such pretty stash there Rava, and aren't the Crescent Colour threads wonderful - my latest addiction, hee hee.Watch out on some of the Bullentin boards a bit later in the year for ornament exchanges, most of them have them each year.

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