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August 29, 2006



Watergarden looks fab!!Hope the kiddies are feeling better soon :)


I'm so glad you could join us in the exchanges - they are such fun (ignore me when I start to whine about exchange anxiety I almost always do). Which exchanges are you planning to join? I've just signed up for the quaker exchange on SBEBB (I have a secret passion for these designs).Watergarden is of course looking gorgeous!! One of the suggestions I got when I did a similar thing with a Mirabilia is to sew a strip of calico or plain fabric to each edge (which would be hidden by any mats you used with the framing). Sending healthy healing vibes to the kids.

Kiwi Jo

I should warn you that exchanges are very addicitive! WG looks fabulous.


Of course you did the right thing...those poor charts needed a good home and out of the kindness of your heart you took them in. ;-)


I love WG. It's so pretty. I hate frogging too, it's a rare night that I don't have to do some.


WG looks amazing!! Hope the the kiddies feel better soon :o)


Chatelaine designs can be so tricky... but they are so worth it in the end!! I will keep cheering you on :-)


Love your fabbies....saw you on SBEBB...great to see you there. The exchanges can be quite addictive. :)


Beautiful stash! Your Watergarden is looking fabulous. I seem to frog alot on these Chatelaine designs. Yikes on the fabric thing! Your framer can probably do just fine, if you go without a mat. Or you may be able to sew fabric strips around it to add to the edges.


Lovely fabrics and see you on both boards they are great, I too have signed up for fobs & smalls on those boards.


Rava, hope the kids are feeling better soon. That sounds like a really yucky virus going around if half the class is missing.Now, don't feel guilty about the stash-enjoy. You really did need those patterns and threads. I think its great-but you know I am weak! LOLI can't wait to see your exchanges. I know they are going to be great!


Oh I hope the kids feel better soon! I got the same fabric this month from Silkweaver... isn't it pretty!? I don't know what I'll stitch on it, but I just love it!

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