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October 26, 2006



Ooohh fantastic stashing! I've got the attic collection chart (no thread or fabby yet) and would be happy to SAL with you (S l o w l y).

Vonna have been naughty....doesn't it feel satisfying?! :o)


oh my goodness, that is one huge stash haul, lol. It will be just like Christmas when it all starts arriving in the mail :) Don't forget to share pics of it, lol.


I've got the Attic Collection too, but I don't have any materials for it yet.


WOW! I am thoroughly impressed! You go, girl. Love that Grape Threadkeeper of Cathy's - good choice! And Sampler Rouge is to die for...too pretty!


Oh my, you have been having fun. I think I am jealous-LOL That sounds like one glorious stash haul!


Well, well you have been busy haven't you. Enjoy all of your new stash. :)Take care. x


Rava, your mailbox will be very busy soon - can't wait to see your photos!

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