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November 04, 2006



What a lovely fob. What a nice gift to send to someone, that Chatelaine Taj Mahal. I may do that one someday but it will be quite some time off.


The fob is lovely Rava, and such generous gifts. Svenja is very lucky :o)


Hi Rava, your scissor fob turned out great. I love it.Have a nice weekend.


What a gorgeous fob!Good on you Rava!


That's a great fob, Rava! How daring of you to make your first one "shaped" instead of simply square!!Glad the post was more cooperative with this exchange! ;>


You sent a lovely exchange! Svenja was very lucky to have you as an exchange partner...


That's a lovely fob Rava and a great exchange. You did a wonderful job. congrats.


Rava, love the fob...actually I have it on my list of future looks stunning how you did it!Your exchange gifties look fabulous!:o)

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