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December 22, 2006



Hi Rava, Congratulations! I'm so glad it's turned out to be a great stand. I showed Joel your post and he said if I'm very bad he'll order me one for my birthday... I wonder if that is encouragement to go and buy some more Chatelaine kits (St Petersburg calls...)


Yea! I'm so glad you are having a good experience with your new stand! Happy Holidays!:D


I saw you have a "?" after my name...confuse?Now that you've got me convince..just waiting for my year-end bonus to pop into the bank before I get the table mate and frame clamp.Thanks!!


You lucky stitcher!!! Enjoy your new stand. Happy New Year & I hope to see more stitching pictures soon!!!

Kiwi Jo

Hi RavaI've lost your email address :( but I wanted to THANK YOU for the extremely generous gift certificate you sent me. You are very naughty, but I did have fun spending it ;)


I've been looking for a floor stand for the last month or so and have made a couple of posts regarding my search. Zohrah kindly left a comment and mentioned that you got the System 4 (which is how I found your blog:)) This stand is one of the few good stands that I have local access to. I was just wondering if you could tell me how sturdy it is. With it being so lightweight, I am a bit concerned about how sturdy it is. It sounds like you're using it for fairly large projects. Are you having any problems with it? I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know your thoughts on it.

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