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May 31, 2007



Hi Veronica, this is Mandy from the low bmi thread, I was really sorry to read your posting today. My husbands father had a long battle with multiple sclerosis which sounds a bit similar so I have a little understanding of how things are. It must be very hard for you supporting your family whilst coping emotionally yourself, you was so upbeat and positive after the banding. All I can say is try and take care of yourself as you are obviously very needed right now. Take care, love Mandy

Erica (aka Lapbandgirl)

Veronica... that is so so sad. I am sending you big hugs. Don't forget to give yourself some time out so you don't get too overwhelmed with the situation. I really hope that this time with your dad is special and I hope that the rest of his days are peaceful and surrounded by his loving and devoted family. We'll be here when you get back *hugs*

Erika xx

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