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June 15, 2007



You're welcome. :)

Just remember that the thing with calories is that if the intake goes too low you'll body go into starvation mode and you won't lose any weight (in my case if I get in starvation mode (in my case that is anything under 1300 kcal/d) I can actually *gain* weight! O_o). And in a case of a PCOs woman that happens even sooner than with a "normal" woman - because PCOs has developed to prevent women to be fertile when times are bad and be fertile when times are good, with modern western society the problem is that we have it too good. It makes our metabolism very sensitive to react. (This is one odd syndrome.)

But I hope it was just a tiny peak in your weight loss and that things will get better. :) (And you are right, stressing about it won't help, you just get your cortisol levels high and that will do bad things to your weight.)

And by the way, reducing the amount of carbs may help you to find that sweet spot: my cravings have reduced tremendously after I ditched grains (exclusing rice) and potato from my diet.

Erica (aka Lapbandgirl)

Hey Veronica,

Good to hear you've chilled out a little since your previous blog comment and taken all advice on board. I'll be interested to see how you go with counting calories and lowering your carbs. Good luck :)

Erika xx


Congrats on your weight loss - but do you mind if I ask, What is a muffin top??


Hey there :)

Glad to see you posting again, but I am really sorry you have been stressing out! I hope you find the "sweet spot" real soon! Also remember that muscle weighs heavier than fat and it sounds like you are building up your muscles :) *hugs*


Hello :-)

I've just discovered your blog and authorize myself to write a little comment because of what I read.
You want to loose weight, while eating a lot less and doing a lot of gym.
So yes, your body is reshaping, and you're loosing some fat but gaining muscles. So you're weight stay in it's average same amount.
That's quite the usual process in this kind of "regime". 1st losing fat and gaining muscles, then thining the muscles and so loosing weight. ;-)

Have faith in yourself :-) You'll manage it!


Hey there ... scroll down this 'affair' entry to before & after pics. Congratulations on a job well done. Losing weight is never easy. Can I give you some valuable advice? Drink water. Make no exceptions to this rule: no tea, coffee, diet stuff or alcohol. Drink water. You will lose weight oh so much faster & KEEP IT OFF!

Have a look to the sideline: read the Blissful Creations site with all my cross stitch stuff too. ((hugs))


Hi, haven't seen you post in a long time, hope you are okay and wanted to let you know I am still thinking of you *hugs*

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