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June 13, 2007



Just an idea: are you on "carbohydrate based" diet? Is it different opposed to that anything-you-can-eat-with-a-straw diet you used to have at first with the band?

As, even this isn't acknowledged by pros, some people just are carbohydrate intolerant - myself included - and they can eat loads of calories from proteins without gaining any weight, but if they eat even "normal" amounts of carbs their weight goes skyrocketing - myself included (I can eat a horse without gaining, but if I eat few pancakes my weight gets up five kilos..).

And... if I recall correctly, you had that PCOs diagnose. In that case your insulin metabolism can be (and probably is) in the haywire, and in that case low-carb diet could actually be your choice of eating.
My diet is very low-carb, and I have never been this healthy: only few migraines/ year (opposed to weekly painful attacks), less painful in many ways, my hormones are more balanced than they have ever been and my mental state is better - I can even control my weight without controlling it.

Anyway, I stop before I start to sound like some spammer here, but I'd say it's worth thinking of. What suits most may not be good for you, and vice versa. The difficult part is to find what is good for you.


Hi Outi :)

Thanks for your comments my friend. And your not a spammer! I appreciate every comment I receive *hugs*

I have been looking at my carbs pretty closely, and going back through my food diary I have noted that the last 3 weeks I have upped them - when maybe I shouldnt have!

I have been having porridge pretty consistently (at least 4 times a week) and especially on the days when I have my personal training sessions. The last 2 weeks I have noted that I have prepared carb meals for my family and yes I have been eating them!

When going back further into my food diary, your most definitely correct that when I was losing the weight I wasnt eating very many carbs at all - so my friend I think you are on the right track!

So for me I am going to go low carb once more and see how I go.

Erica (aka Lapbandgirl)

Hiya Veronica,

Are you being completely honest about everything (and I mean everything) you eat? What about your portion sizes? Are you weighing everything or just estimating? How closely are you counting calories... is it estimated (ie nearest 100cal) or are you getting to the nitty gritty... ie percentage of fat, carbs and proteins. My advice would be to hop on to and join up. Start tracking in an online diary and see exactly how many cals you're having. I'm eating between 1200 and 1500 cal/day and I'm losing 500g/week on average these days. Carbs may not be the issue... it may be the total energy you're eating is too much. Definitely have a look at the types of carbs (ie cut the sugar and white stuff) but don't eliminate them... that's what makes you full full full and your band happy! :)

Goodluck babes ! :)

Erika xx


Definitely try to make sure that you're eating the right portions-a pain in the butt to measure everything but it does help. Also find a couple of exercises that you like to do and switch them up-your body will get used to doing the same thing over and over again. Good luck.

Yvonne M.

I also have PCOS and I am so super sensitive to carbs. The low-fat diet allows way to many carbs and I just can't lose after a certain amount of pounds are gone.

I've lowered my carbs and am doing fabulously again.

Good for you for looking into this!

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